Kingdom of Skulls
Updated Pokemon trades


charizard, eevee, medicham, gensect, wobbuffet, pinsir, ninetails, spiritomb, ubreon, accelgor, pachirisu, cryoganal, altaria, shelgon, chesnaught, haxrous, slowking, ditto, glameow, duskull, bunery, torkal, cofagrigus, persion, virision, darkrai, ho-oh, mew & mudkip

A class trades:

Several Yvetal’s, Xerneas, zygrade, manaphy, phione, melloetta, salamance, garchomp, godra, palkia, keldeo, articuno, zapdos, moltres, entei, zekrom, reshriam, kyreum, arceus, deoxys, lugia, giritina

B Class trades:

Cyndiqui, ivysaur, braxien, charmander, nidoqueen gible, electebuzz, clefariy, glaceon, trevant, nidorino, octillery, kabutops, armoroldo, salamence, alakazam, metang, gengar, gothichelle, servine, magnazone, pupitar, silagoo, tentacruel, gigalith, amoura, doublade eevee’s, rotom’s,  & lapras

Let me know if you’d like to trade!!! :D

Shiny espurr!

Howdy ppl of tumblur! Im currently seeking another shiny espurr, if anyone has one I have a multitude of shiny pokemon & or other desirable pokemon, see my previous posts to scope out who they are. So if ur Intrested in trading please ket me know!

Howdy tublin ppls. Here r the pokemon that I have up for trade. 1st box is the better pokemon & yhe 2nd box is all ahiny pokemon. Hmu if u wanna trade


We NEED this in the games!


We NEED this in the games!

Shiny pokemon trades?!

OK.OK.OK im currently seeking two pokemon that are shiny! They are Espurr & Swirlix (and or meowstic & slurpuff) lvs & genders are irrelevant to me. Im down to trade abunch of pokemon that ive listed before:

Arceus; Shiny ho-oh, several Yveltal’s, Xerneas, manaphy, phione, several melloetta’s, japaneese Goodra; shiny milotic, Keldeo, Articuno; zapdos; moltres; shiny Haxorus; kyreum; shiny darkrai, entei; shiny gensect; shiny japanese mew; zekrom, & lugia.

I also have others not listed here!!!

also ppl keep asking, MY POKEMON UP FOR TRADE ARE ALL LEGITIMATE POKEMON! message me if your interested please,thanks.


Life Lessons from Magikarp

wich proves if your going tru hell in you life keep going, & eventually it’ll get better


Life Lessons from Magikarp

wich proves if your going tru hell in you life keep going, & eventually it’ll get better

Lets trade Pokemon!!!???!!?!

OK. thanks to some nice new tumblur friends i got me a nice salamence, & now im looking for the folowing:

A shiny goodra ,Goomy or silagoo

Shiny pumkaboo or goregeist

Heloisk  lv 50  or over

servine serperior or snivy that knows mirror coat & twister.

My trades include:

lv100 Korean Yvetal

lv50 Male Salamence

Lv50 male Garchomp

Lv 100 Keldeo

Lv100 Shiny Darkrai

Lv100 Lugia

Lv 51 Japaneese Entei

lv 100 Arceus

Lv100 Shiny Japaneese Genesect

Lv100 Shiny Japaneese Mew

lv100 Event Zekrom

lv100 Moltres

lv50 articuno

lv55 zapdos

lv100 shiny Ninetails

lv100 alakazam

lv100 japaneese Gothhitelle

lv100 Giratina

lv 39 gengar

& alot more crap :P

So if you want to trade please feel free to message me!! lets trade & be friends!!

Pokemon trades?

Ok. Im currently seeking a Salamance (preferbly male)regardless of level as long as its over 50, that knows hydro pump, & dragon dance. (draco meteor too) but i can teach it that on my own. Im wiling to trade any of these pokemon or something that you want:

Shiny Eevee lv 50

shiny Charizard lv 50

Shiny Ho-oh lv 100

Arceus lv 100

lv 100 Korean Yveatal

lv 55 zapdos

lv 100 shiny Japanese mew

lv100  melloetta

lv100 keldeo


shiny pokemon?!

Ok.ok.ok. So i recently saw what shiny xerneas, yveltal, & zygrade look like, & its awesome!! I dont think you can get them without hacking, but if anyone has them,or diancie id be very down to trade a shiny mew, melloetta, shiny ho-oh, shiny charizard, or the pokemon of your choice. hmu please! :)